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Aanval Appliances

Turn-key Solutions

We have brought the industry's leading Snort, Suricata, and Syslog intrusion detection and correlation console together with the world's most stable and advanced operating system and hardware combination.

Apple Mac Mini
* Aanval Mini Appliance shown

All Aanval Appliances are built with authentic Apple hardware and run the latest Apple Operating System software.

All Aanval Appliances are designed to handle as many as 1 billion events or more. Utilizing the latest release of Aanval, all appliances are pre-configured and optimized to handle all of your Snort and/or Suricata and syslog events in one centralized device.

Multiple Configurations
Aanval Appliances are available in a variety of hardware and software combinations to fit every environment. From single-sensor deployments to large-scale enterprise intrusion arrays, Aanval Appliances are pre-configured for full intrusion detection and correlation functionality out-of-the-box.

Drop-in Ready
Every Aanval Appliance is installed, pre-configured, and optimized for Aanval with Snort and/or Suricata intrusion detection and Syslog correlation. Each Appliance is installed with the most recent release of Mac OS X, along with the latest compatible versions of Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, GD, and more.

Apple and Mac OS X
Elegant, reliable, and stable are just a few of the words that describe the world's most advanced operating system combined with the industry's highest quality hardware. Apple's operating system and hardware were chosen for Aanval Appliances for its core Unix foundation and overall superior quality. Mac OS X is an Open Brand Unix 03 Registered Product.

Built for Aanval
Aanval Appliances may be configured as fully-integrated, independent devices or as separate dedicated components to meet performance, network environment, and intrusion architecture needs. In addition to our standard single Appliance configuration, Aanval is capable of being deployed across as many as six separate servers for scale or performance requirements.


Aanval Pro Appliance
The most versatile of our Appliance offerings, the Aanval Pro Appliance is built upon the Apple MacPro hardware platform running the latest release of Mac OS X.

Aanval Mini Appliance
Built upon Apple's Mac mini platform, the Aanval Mini Appliance is a powerful and quiet device with a small footprint, perfect for small networks, and may also be used as a sensor-only device.


All appliances may be installed with a selection of security tools including tcpdump (packet sniffing), Nmap (port scanning), nessus (vulnerability scanning), and more.

All appliances may be custom configured with specific destination network details (IP, DNS, etc), ensuring the installation is as simple as plugging in and powering on the Appliance.

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