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Industry Focus

Tactical FLEX, Inc. protects more than 6000 organizations within every industry in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Every organization, regardless of specific industry is facing similar and ever-increasing network and inter-network related security threats. Our products and services are designed not only for the important facets of the industries shown below, but for every organization with a network or internet connection.

Our products and solutions are designed for end-to-end intrusion detection and network security situational awareness; whether your organization has an existing security infrastructure in need of updates and oversight or this is your initial deployment, our offerings are your remedies.

Please continue reading, and select a relative industry to find out how our products and services can aid in securing your valuable assets and information or view our Products and Services offerings for more information.

Small Business

Small firms overall are easy targets for cyber crimes and there are more small businesses than Fortune 500 that can be targeted in the marketplace. Visa Inc. has estimated that 95% of credit card breaches are from their small business customers. The escalating number of cyber intrusions aimed at small firms can be attributed to a number of unique factors and challenges. Small businesses are still lagging behind in establishing comprehensive security protective measures to protect their business and customer database.

The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that 77% of small organizations do not have a formal Internet security policy and 49% do not have an informal policy. Only 52% of small-business owners have plans for keeping their networks, data, and computers safe. Small organizations also lack the resources and technical skills to stop cyber attacks against networks.

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The 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report published by the Verizon RISK Team disclosed that there were 855 data breach incidents and 174 million compromised records that occurred in 2011.

Today, the threat of cyber attacks continues to monopolize news headlines around the world, raising concerns among corporations and consumers. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers headquartered in the United Kingdom, the UK among other high profile States is under relentless cyber-attacks and the number of hacking incidents perpetrated by outsiders is at a record high.

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The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing wealth-producing sectors in the U.S. economy and the second most frequently targeted industry in 2011.

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturers overall face greater security risks with insider threats and bio-espionage attacks than other industries. Aside from the significant value of patents, intellectual property, clinical trial data, and large volumes of protected health information (PHI) generated from clinical trial research, there are also security risks associated with data sharing among third-party partnerships.

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Security breaches surrounding universities and colleges are becoming commonly publicized cyber crime incidents as the digital world of higher education is victimized by a substantial number of alarming data breaches each year.

Educational institutions overall have become a lucrative target for both malicious hackers and insider thieves alike because of the wealth of personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property data stored on campus servers and network databases.

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The healthcare industry is a constant target for cyber attacks and has been named as the most breached industry. The industry's reputation as being a soft target for hackers and insider thieves alike are due to a number of factors.

It has been estimated that 91% of small healthcare organizations have had at least one data breach in the last year. Consistent studies conclude that security threats facing both large and small healthcare organizations are both equally high and damaging.

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Financial Services

The financial services industry is critical to a nation's economic growth and development. Financial firms combined have the highest earnings in the world, and the sector's overall business performance has a significant direct impact on the world's economy and the way the market operates.

Banks, credit card companies, credit unions, stock brokerages, investment funds, and consumer finance companies help billions of individual customers save money, obtain loans, build credit, and participate in investment opportunities. At the same time, these financial companies enable businesses to invest in new companies, enhance business productivity, and expand business opportunities to gain crucial market shares in the competitive global marketplace.

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Government and Military

Cybersecurity is now at the forefront of national security concerns as cyber criminal organizations, spies and hacker activists are intensifying attacks on government agencies in order to disrupt the country's critical infrastructures and steal classified records crucial to the country's economic and national security.

According to the United States Senate Select Intelligence Community, "Cyber attacks against government agencies in the United States continue to rise and cyber threats one day will surpass the danger of terrorism to the United States."

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Energy and Utilities

The world's critical infrastructures are becoming more susceptible to cyber attacks as utility and nuclear power companies increasingly wire their control system and industrial machinery to the global Internet network exposing critical vulnerabilities to the outside world.

According to the Homeland Security News Wire "American water and energy companies deal with a constant barrage of cyber attacks on a daily basis; these incidents usually take the form of cyber espionage or denial-of-service attacks against the utilities' industrial-control systems."

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Legal and Law

Cyber-espionage attacks orchestrated by foreign intelligence services or between competing companies has become a growing and persistent threat to the economic security of many countries and is no longer restricted to government agencies, military, and multinational enterprises.

The escalating number of cyber intrusions aimed at law firms can be attributed to a number of unique factors and challenges within the legal industry. According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division in New York City, “the culture of law firms and the significant sway of partners often make attorneys a soft target.” Attorneys, partners, and employees often request full network administrator rights in obtaining and reviewing classified documents at their convenience without second thoughts about information security.

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Tactical FLEX, Inc.

For nearly a decade, Tactical FLEX has taken great pride in providing best-of-breed security solutions to every type of organization around the world. Our wide spectrum of Customers demonstrates our sincere commitment to an industry, which remains at the forefront of the digital evolution of the world. Information security is our business, and our customers are our greatest asset.

Aanval SAS Product Technology Brief

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Aanval SAS Product Technology Brief

Our Customers

With as many as 6000+ customers worldwide, our list of valued customers is a little too large for a single page, so we've selected a few organizations to represent Aanval's success and wide ranging capabilities.

HID Global
Lexis Nexus

Brown University
Cornell University
Harvard University
University of Iowa
University of Nebraska
University of Notre Dame
University of Texas

Health and Biotechnology
Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Children's Hospital of Omaha
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Group Health Cooperative
United BioSource Corporation
University of Texas Southwestern Medical

Australian Department of Defense
Canadian Defense Force
Israeli Defense Force
Lockheed Martin
New Zealand Defense Force
US Air Force
US Army
US Department of Defense
US Department of Homeland Security
US Navy

Nuclear and Power
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Idaho National Laboratory
Tucson Electric Power
Washington Closure Handford

Finance and Legal
Compass Bank
Countrywide Financial
Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC
Libro Financial Group
Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank Ltd.
Peoples Bank
Sidley Austin LLP

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