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Managed Services at the Tactical FLEX, Inc. Network Security Operations Center (NSOC)

All organizations worldwide have critical assets that need protection in today’s 24/7 global economy. A Network Operations Center (NOC) serves both as a defense and protection to network systems, users, and customers from data thieves and cyber criminals trying to bring down network systems. An NOC also gives both organizations and businesses a powerful tool not only for controlling, responding to, and preventing threats impacting their environment, but also for reducing risk and avoiding costly downtime while protecting brand and reputation.

Organizations that choose to outsource NOC operations can save valuable time, reduce operational costs, become more productive, and free-up resources to focus on growing and securing the organization. Tactical FLEX, Inc. offers real-time Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) monitoring and management services customized to meet the needs of both large and small enterprises worldwide. For companies with limited security resources, experienced Tactical FLEX, Inc. security analysts, architects, and developers assist organizations with the management and maintenance of Aanval, Snort, Suricata, and syslog deployments with our 24-hour monitoring and notification services. Intrusion data can be accessed remotely or piped directly into our global Network Security Operations Center for complete network security coverage.

Tactical FLEX, Inc. no doubt believes that automation and software can offset aspects of human resource assignment for critical security tasks and operations; however, we also believe that this automation should be closely monitored and maintained by experienced and versatile security analysts. In short, our systems, processes, and ultimately all security event information is continuously monitored to ensure our customers' data and infrastructures are secure and protected.

Overall, it is important to align business and IT objectives when evaluating a Managed Service Provider technology partner. Selecting Tactical FLEX, Inc. as your NOC managed services provider not only ensures you have the highest level of expertise and professional oversight of your IT operations, but returns priceless time for focusing on other critical business obligations.

Tactical FLEX, Inc.’s state-of-the-art monitoring facility located in the Seattle headquarters office is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our trained and certified network security analysts and experienced product support team.

NSOC Remote Management & Monitoring Services

    » Network Intrusion Detection
    » Alerting and Notification
    » Security Management
    » Offsite Security Event Archival and Storage

Key Benefits

    » Proactive support, with real-time 24/7 monitoring and management
    » Accelerate detection of security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that will improve overall security posture
    » Bridge the gap between IT resource deficiency and building a successful defense against today’s evolving cyber threats
    » Reduction of operational cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure
    » Deliver stable, reliable, and secure business processes
    » Provide enhanced actionable intelligence on how your available IT resources can be most efficiently implemented and deployed
    » Implement greater options for advancing strategic IT initiatives by eliminating tedious operational tasks that often consume available technology resources

In addition to providing real-time network security monitoring and management services, the Tactical FLEX, Inc. NSOC is used to collect and analyze global Internet network security threats for product testing and enhancement of functionality.

Tactical FLEX, Inc. -- NSOC

NSOC Development Lab

    » Internal Product Development and Testing
    » Internet Traffic Collection and Analyzation
    » Network Security Signature Testing
    » Security Product Reviews
    » Hardware Implementation Planning and Strategy

Our NSOC facility allows Tactical FLEX, Inc. to stay on the forefront of the information security sector with the latest available, most advanced, and best-of-breed technology solutions at our fingertips.

Each of our product and service offerings are researched, developed, and tested within our secured NSOC environments, allowing us to find and create new solutions as well as identify problems before our customers do.

For more information, please contact our Sales Department at 800-921-2584 or email sales.group [at] tacticalflex.com.

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