Recognized as the best performing and most comprehensive Snort and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console on the market, Aanval was developed in 2003 and is currently the longest running Snort GUI/interface under continuous development.


Since our founding in 2003, Tactical Flex, Inc.’s mission has been to provide world-class comprehensive network security solutions designed to make IT professionals’ jobs easier. Furthermore, we are strongly committed to providing each of our clients with innovative solutions that are at the forefront of Internet security technology. It is our objective to continually invest in both product and service enhancements as well as information security technology.

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  • Tactical Flex, Inc. introduces, the all new, redeveloped and redesigned
    Aanval 9
    Snort, Suricata and Syslog Interface / GUI and Management

Introducing Aanval 9.1

Completely re-written from the ground-up. It's all new!

Our largest and most comprehensive update in more than 15 years. Advancing the core framework that Aanval is built upon and securing our foundation for the next 15 years.

Tactical Flex, Inc. continues to set a new bar and advances Aanval with performance upgrades, enhanced threat detection, and new automation features. The best performing Snort, Suricata, and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console (GUI / Interface) on the market is now better than ever.

While delivering complete end-to-end network visibility, Aanval boasts dozens of new features including HTML5, IPv6, Direct Unified2 Support, Threat Levels Displays, Global Heat Maps, Syslog Enhancements, New Automation Systems, and a complete re-write of nearly the entire code-base to make it our most stable and advanced version of Aanval yet.

Aanval is the solution for IT security professionals demanding a proven security and network operations tool with a strong focus on intrusion detection, coupled with robust log management and SIEM capabilities.


Snort, Suricata, & Syslog Intrusion Detection, Interface and Management

Recognized as the best performing and most comprehensive Snort and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console on the market, Aanval was developed in 2003 and is currently the longest running Snort GUI/interface under continuous development.

Aanval is the perfect fit for your intrusion detection needs regardless of your organization size, budget, and event capacity requirements. Full integration with Snort, Suricata, and Syslog sourced data, Aanval is the only snort console, interface / GUI on the market in its class.

Designed to scale from small single-sensor installations to global enterprise deployments, Aanval supports both Snort and Suricata's Unified2 format, as well as any syslog-data source.

Aanval is available for download as a free community version, in addition to an unlimited, commercially purchased and supported version. Aanval is browser-based and designed to work on all current variants of UNIX, Linux, and MacOS.

Aanval Feature Comparison Chart

A summarized list of Aanval's powerful security and event management features

Aanval is available as a freely distributed, single-sensor Community version as well as a Small Business, Standard and Enterprise Version. The organizations network size will determine the necessary license type required.

The Community version is for personal use only, companies or organizations may use it for testing purposes.

Aanval Features

  • Snort & Suricata Support
  • Situational Awareness
  • Offensive Reconnaissance / Scanning
  • Rogue Host Detection
  • Network Host Scanning
  • False Positive Protection / Validation
  • Billions of Events
  • Live Event Displays
  • Global GeoLocation
  • Advanced Correlation
  • Automation / Triggers
  • Remote Sensor Management
  • Signature Management
  • Interactive Reports
  • Unlimited Snort & Suricata
  • Unlimited Syslog
  • 8 to 5 Telephone Support




  • Single sensor
  • Single sensor
  • 14 days


per year


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Introduction to Aanval 9

A quick video introduction of Aanval 9 and some of its features

We are very excited to show-off Aanval 9, it's been a long road, and a significant amount of time and resources have been dedicated to its advacncement over previous versions.

Our Customers

A few selected customers from more than 15 years in the business.

Our list of valued customers is a little too large for a single page (it's over 6,000), so we've selected a few organizations to represent Aanval's success and wide ranging capabilities.

Technology corporations
HID Global
Lexis Nexus
Real Networks
Texas Instruments

Specialized corporations
American Licorice Company
AmeriQuest Transportation
Bridgestone Americas, Inc
Computer Science Corporation
Forrester Research
McKee Foods Corporation
Woolworth's Limited

Internet and Telecom
Kayak Software
Monster Worldwide
Telecom NZ Ltd

Australian Department of Defense
Canadian Defense Force
Canadian Space Agency
GE Aviation
General Dynamics
Israeli Defense Force
Lockheed Martin
Los Alamos National Laboratory
New Zealand Defense Force
Rockwell Collins
United States European Command
US Air Force
US Army
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Defense
US Department of Energy
US Department of Homeland Security
US Naval Academy
US Navy

Health and biotechnology
Advocate Health Care
Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Cancer Research and Biostatistics
Children's Hospital of Omaha
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Group Health Cooperative
Integrated Health Care
United BioSource Corporation
University of Texas Southwestern Medical

Nuclear and power
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Idaho National Laboratory
Tucson Electric Power
Washington Closure Handford

Finance and legal
Compass Bank
Countrywide Financial
Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC
Libro Financial Group
Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank Ltd.
Peoples Bank
Security Savings Bank
Sidley Austin LLP

Brown University
Carnegie Mellon
Cornell University
Harvard University
Mount Saint Mary's University
Oakland University
Pine Tree ISD
Rice University
Ringling College of Art and Design
Saginaw Valley State University
University of Hawaii
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of Nebraska
University of Notre Dame
University of Texas
University of Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University

Download Aanval

Aanval is available as a tar.gz package for (MacOS, Linux / Unix) or virtual machine image.

Download Aanval, install it within as little as a few minutes on any Linux (we prefer CentOS 7 or greater), Unix, or MacOS system, and be up and running with the most advanced, feature-rich Snort, Suricata, and Syslog intrusion detection console on the market.

Installation Guide

Please familiarize yourself with the Aanval installation guide before downloading and installing, or the Aanval virtual machine appliance guide.


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Aanval is a product of Tactical Flex, Inc., which is a privately owned information security research, engineering, and technology design and production company based out of Washington State, USA.

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About Aanval

Aanval is a commercial Snort, Suricata, and Syslog intrusion detection, correlation, and threat management console. Aanval has been in active development since 2003 and remains one of the longest running Snort-capable front-end products in the industry.

Government security and defense organizations from more than a half dozen countries, educational institutions from around the world, global financial organizations, as well as space exploration and military weapons manufacturers rely upon the products and services provided by Tactical Flex, Inc.

With more than 6,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Aanval has a proven record of success, quality, and history upon which each of our customers can rely.