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Tactical FLEX, Inc. Debuts Aanval 8

Wed, Jun 15, 2016 7:00 AM - 7:30 AM PDT

Come join us and discover the excitement of Aanval 8 and find how to monitor every aspect of your network environment without breaking the bank! This upcoming webinar will provide an overview of Aanval 8 and cover a few selected features and enhancements including an all-new HTML5 look and feel, direct Unified2 IDS event importing, threat level displays and global heat maps, automation and reporting systems, and syslog enhancement. Learn why Aanval 8 is the complete end-to-end security solution for your IDS and syslog data.

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Past Webinars (archive)

Below we've provided a few select webinars that we've found to be helpful. Enjoy.

How to Improve Threat Management Performance and Situational Awareness

Today's cybersecurity teams must be prepared to deal with an onslaught of new and evolving threats. From script kiddies to advanced hackers working for criminal entities, if an enterprise doesn't have the right security technology in place to deal with such threats, it will pay the price in costly data breaches. Are you aware that the average malware compromise recovery cost is $3,000 a day? Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding on how organizations of all network sizes can obtain full visibility of their IT environment and enhance overall threat management performance and security posture. Obtain valuable insights on why IT departments are embracing Aanval SAS and Emerging Threats. What are the contributing factors to Aanval’s popularity and global success? View our live product demonstration of Aanval SAS and listen to Matt Jonkman, President of OISF and CTO of Emerging Threats introduce Suricata IDS and explain how organizations can cost-effectively protect themselves with ETPro™ ruleset.

Aanval SAS “Tips and Tricks” Presented by Eric Smith, Customer Relationship Manager

Tactical FLEX, Inc. understands the importance of real-time threat management and automation to help efficiently and accurately identify real threats and vulnerabilities before cyber criminals find them. Aanval SAS “Tips and Tricks” is an informative discussion on how to optimize and unleash the powerful IDS features of Aanval SAS to obtain an accurate assessment of security risks and complete network visibility of your IT infrastructures. Learn troubleshooting tips and tricks, and how to optimize your Aanval SAS console. See why investing in Aanval SAS provides you with an expanded level of security intelligence and offensive tools to help you shore up defenses and reduce your security risk.

Aanval SAS Overview Presented by Loyal Moses, CEO of Tactical FLEX, Inc.

The Aanval SAS (Situational Awareness System) Webinar presented by Loyal Moses, CEO of Tactical FLEX, Inc., provides an overview on the importance of situational awareness to identify potential vulnerabilities, discover security breaches, and predict future threats with accuracy. In addition, Loyal Moses introduces the Responsible Security Package, a unique concept developed to encourage organizations to responsibly secure their network and devices. With Aanval SAS you can deploy an unlimited number of sensors to monitor activity on every device and aspect of your network environment. Aanval SAS expands your network visibility and optimizes your real-time threat management.