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Recognized as the best performing and most comprehensive Snort and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console on the market, Aanval was developed in 2003 and is currently the longest running Snort GUI/interface under continuous development.


Since our founding in 2003, Tactical FLEX, Inc.’s mission has been to provide world-class comprehensive network security solutions designed to make IT professionals’ jobs easier. Furthermore, we are strongly committed to providing each of our clients with innovative solutions that are at the forefront of Internet security technology. It is our objective to continually invest in both product and service enhancements as well as information security technology.

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Government Industry

Secure Public Sector Networks, Critical Infrastructures, and Classified Government Records with Continuous Intelligent Threat Management in Real-Time

5 Industry Needs

  • Ransomware-related attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), and other forms of malware attacks are the biggest security threats to government industry and the costs to successfully remediate malware are expensive and time-consuming. The capability to adequately detect and halt malware threat can help reduce overall IT expenses.
  • Network security for government agencies is about complete network situational awareness and obtaining a bird’s eye view on the entire network infrastructure at any given moment.
  • The growing reliance on Internet connections to manage critical infrastructures as well as the increasing interconnectivity of individual government agencies poses more risk of cyber attacks.
  • Amidst a tightening budget and increasing government budget deficit, IT departments are being challenged to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, secure networks, and safeguard critical databases using limited resources and inadequate information security technologies.
  • Due to extremely large and interconnected networks, a scalable and comprehensive network security solution with real-time monitoring is needed to protect public sector information, government intellectual property, and classified military intelligence information from both external and insider threats around the clock.

Infosec Needs for Government & Military

Government & Military Briefs

Our Government & Military Industry Focus Solutions Guide in one downloadable document.

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Risk Management Solutions Brief (PDF)


The United States has spent decades establishing the largest armed forces and greatest military the world has ever seen, but the biggest threat to national security at this time comes not by ground, air, or naval warfare but by a computer with an Internet connection. There is an evolution in cyber warfare, as the public sector accounted for 11.7% of the 783 total record high number of data breach incidents in 2014, and 2015 saw the largest breaches of a federal network system. Cybersecurity has been at the forefront of national security concerns as cyber criminal organizations, spies, state-sponsored hackers, and hacker activists have been intensifying attacks on government agencies in order to disrupt the country’s critical infrastructures and steal classified records critical to the country’s economic and national security. According to the United States Senate Select Intelligence Community, “Cyber attacks against government agencies in the United States continue to rise and cyber threats one day will surpass the danger of terrorism to the United States.” Cyber intrusions are also posing a grievous threat to local and state databases as the state and local government agencies are under tremendous pressure to secure critical data, infrastructure and services. According to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, cybersecurity is the number one strategic IT priority in 2015 for state and local agencies. The State of Cybersecurity in Local, State, and Federal Government Report conducted by Ponemon Institute found that only 32 percent of state and local agencies surveyed are confident they would detect an attack and 19 percent of the same respondents rate their ability to prevent a cyber attack as very high. Top U.S. military officials are also focusing on cyber security as an area of mounting concern and fears losing considerable intellectual property rights and classified military intelligence information from the growing prevalence of cyber espionage attacks and malicious hackers intent on illegally obtaining trade, military, and technology secrets. Recent attacks on U.S. corporations including weapon manufacturers, and federal agencies have created an intense fervor on addressing the aggressive security threats to U.S. computer networks.

The Office and Management and Budget reported that in 2015 there were more than 77,000 federal cyber incidents. This is another year in which cyber intrusions in the public sector have grown by at least 10 percent. The tremendous volume of security threats can be attributed to a number of unique threat factors, challenges, and vulnerabilities in the public sector. Government IT departments are overwhelmingly afflicted with considerable budget and resource constraints. Departments are also subject to using inadequate and legacy security technologies to monitor and secure expansive and complex networks, as well as store data-rich classified information. This worrisome scenario creates an operating environment unable to proactively detect and ward off security breaches in real-time, as well as keep pace with evolving cyber threats. Furthermore, legacy IT systems can result in performance issues, increased downtime, and service disturbances, as well as failure to deliver on the agency’s mission. In response to the abundance of security threats plaguing the public sector, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported that only 42% of local and state government officials believe that their capabilities were adequate enough to respond to such a threat, and 45% of officials said they had no formal program to prevent or fend off an attack. Continuous efforts to monitor networks and manage access to networks without network visibility and advanced cyber intelligence still continue to be a major source of problem in the public sector. In addition, the growing reliance on Internet connections to manage critical infrastructures and the increasing interconnectivity of individual government agencies are also introducing more risk of cyber attacks. Furthermore, malware attacks with the malicious aim in obtaining user credentials and accessing protected information are the biggest security threat to the government industry. The cost for IT departments to successfully remediate the growing number of malware attacks is expense and time-consuming overall. In 2016, the expectation that the use of ransomware will proliferate across the public sector is real and the DHS has reported that ransomware-related activities have affected 29 different agencies during the first half of 2016. Security experts are also seeing a landscape in 2016 where Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are more common, dynamic, and deceptive.

Why leading government and military organizations rely upon Aanval

  • To deliver a real-time comprehensive network security solution that will significantly reduce IT remediation costs and also provide a substantial cost savings in return.
  • To obtain real-time situational awareness to quickly summarize network event information and provide analysts with the resources they need to identify actual risks and make critical decisions.
  • To proactively monitor and respond to both external and internal security breaches including malware exploits in real-time.
  • To maximize operational efficiency and lower security overhead cost by automating the time-consuming task of monitoring and managing both network and user activities and delivering crucial security alerts and reports.
  • To improve network security posture across government agency networks including WLAN network devices, thereby protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and government classified records.
  • To effectively adapt to any network-size environment, deliver crucial scalability to accommodate additional growth, and to effectively store, manage, and archive more than 1 billion events.

Tactical Flex, Inc. Solutions

The task of securing expansive, interconnected, and geographically dispersed government computer networks is challenging and complex. Government IT departments overall face many of the same challenges and security regulations, as their private sector counterparts also have many opportunities to lose critical data that can jeopardize the country’s welfare and the lives of its citizens. Network security for government agencies is about complete network situational awareness and obtaining a bird’s eye view on the entire network infrastructure at any given moment.

Tactical Flex, Inc. understands that safety lies in both monitoring network systems and improving network visibility around the clock and offers affordable, scalable, and intelligent comprehensive network security solutions that provide control, true situational awareness, and complete threat management in real-time.

Aanval’s comprehensive SIEM and IDS security solutions will help network administrators become more proactive in mitigating security risks and detecting and combatting malware infections while maximizing operational efficiency and reducing remediation costs. In addition, Aanval’s next-generation technology features deliver multiple source event collection, correlation and archiving, and false-positive reducing event validation that further enhances event analyses, making it easier to investigate and halt anomalous behaviors.

Additionally, Tactical Flex, Inc. is a trusted security vendor, with its products and services operating within more than a dozen US government agencies and numerous government entities for countries throughout the world.

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