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Aanval Product and Service Support

Support Services

Tactical FLEX, Inc. offers a wide range of product and service support options for both our valued commercial customers and those simply investigating.

Aanval Support Services can help your organization save money by ensuring a resolution to any technical questions or issues as quickly as possible, as well as reduce or even eliminate the impact and cost of downtime and internal IT costs. Without support, your organization may run the risk of losing productivity and business effectiveness, should a technical issue or security issue arise.

Follow the link below to view our support service offerings or continue reading to self-diagnose or answer your questions using our online knowledge and documentation resources.

Aanval Support Services

Need Help?

If you have a support contract, you may dial 800-921-2584 for immediate assistance; otherwise, please contact Sales, who can guide you to the right Aanval SAS solution. All commercial SAS packages include email, telephone, and remote support.

Email support.group [at] tacticalflex.com to create a support ticket. Please be extremely verbose and include everything you believe may be relevant to help us address your problem.

Additionally, our support Wiki, as well as articles, white papers, and knowledge base are publicly available to help answer your questions.

Aanval Wiki

An entire range of product manuals, documentation, and how-tos are available by following the link below to the Aanval wiki.

Aanval Manual

The following Aanval manual is a compilation of installation instructions, knowledge base articles, feature descriptions, and answers to common questions.

Aanval Library

A wide selection of product, educational, and technical briefs designed for both prospects and customers.

     » Visit the Aanval Library

Aanval Newsgroup

It's been a long time; however, we've brought back the Aanval newsgroup (Google Groups) for user-to-user interaction and support assistance. The Aanval newsgroup will be monitored daily and can be used by any and all users of Aanval.

Aanval Quick Support

The following is a short list of support content that you may find helpful. For detailed support assistance, follow the links provided below or visit the Aanval Wiki.




Aanval TV: Videos and Tutorials

Outside Support/References

Tactical FLEX, Inc. Packet Storm Mirror

In our continuing effort to support the information security sector, Tactical FLEX, Inc. provides mirror services for Packet Storm (http://packetstorm.tacticalflex.com), the industry's most well-known open security repository.

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